Dr. Gillian Mandich studies the science of happiness.

Why is the scientific study of happiness important?

The study of happiness is important not only because it feels good, but also because it makes people better, healthier, and improves quality of life. Research teaches us that regardless of genetics, age, gender, and life circumstances it is possible to intentionally increase happiness.

Happier people have:

Better Health

More Energy

Lower Stress

Less Anxiety

More Fulfilling Relationships

Better Sleep

My Research

I work primarily in the areas of happiness, physical and mental health, workplace wellness, productivity, success, well-being, and thriving. Some of my current projects include:

The Canadian Happiness at Work Study is a research initiative co-led by Dr. Rumeet Billan and Dr. Mandich, in partnership with The Canadian Mental Health Association. This study examines whether Canadians are happy at work, and what organizations can do to support joy, contentment, and positive well-being for their employees. For more information please email

Meant2Prevent focuses on the prevention of paediatric type 2 diabetes. It is a first of its kind collaboration between all 13 of Canada’s children’s hospitals that aims to empower families, youth, and healthcare professionals across Canada with evidence-based resources and tools to promote healthy living habits.

Happy & Resilient is a joint collaboration with Dr. Rumeet Billan. For more information and to register for our self-paced online course, “Happy & Resilient: Cultivating Confidence, Redefining Relationships, and Generating Joy” please visit our website.

Private Happiness Research. Through customized research, personalized data collection, and comprehensive analysis, Dr. Mandich works on an individual level to learn about companies and businesses unique needs. She translates the science of happiness into actionable strategies, customized programs, and tailored solutions to improve employee wellbeing, mental health, and productivity. To learn more please complete this form.

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